Why You Need A Primary Care Physician?

What is Primary Care?

Primary care is the first interaction between a patient and the healthcare system. It provides the patients with access to the information and resources they need for optimal health outcomes.

Primary care physicians work with all different types of patients so they have great knowledge about all the possible physical, psychological and social ailments that may affect an individual. Primary care physicians are held responsible for the ongoing health status of their patients. They are responsible to manage and control chronic diseases and schedule an appointment with the specialist when required.

A primary care physician works with the patients over the years and can potentially diagnose the problems earlier.

According to the report of a national health institute, it is found that American adults who visit primary care physicians regularly are likely to receive premium health services such as diagnostic tests, diabetes management, cancer screening, and counseling in contrast to the individuals deprived of primary care.

The seemingly routine checkup services of primary care can save many lives. The scope and health benefits of primary care are beyond imagination and it can revolutionize the whole medical world.

How Can I Find The Right Family Physician Near Me?

Finding the right doctor for yourself and kids can be difficult. Family physician Syra Hanif MD made several recommendations that can help you find the right physician in your location. You should discuss with your friends and colleagues and try to figure out what doctors most of your friends visit.

If your required physician is not listed on your insurance program, call the doctor’s office. At times, the names of some physicians are accidentally left out. Make sure to check the availability of the doctor (that how often the physician is available to the patients). Check the credibility of the hospital to which your family doctor is affiliated.

Within the health care system of the United States, preventive care is given the paramount importance and the insurance market is oriented towards it. Owing to these facts, primary care is often neglected and it becomes a challenge for patients to access quality primary care services.

What Is The Aim Of Primary Care?

The main goal of primary care is to improve the overall health status of the public by providing easy access to medical resources and counseling. It focuses on the well being of the whole individual rather than a single organ or ailment. Primary care aims to prevent the incidence of diseases by taking all the possible precautionary measures. The purpose is to identify and diagnose the disease in its earliest stage so that the patient can be saved.

According to the world health organization, primary care physicians should fulfill the following key requirements;

  • They should provide a wide range of health care services.
  • To avert social disparities in the health care system
  • They should provide customized healthcare services to meet the needs of every individual.
  • To train the paramedical staff in an effective manner
  • Make efforts to make the healthcare system a part of public policy in every sphere.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Primary Care System?

If correctly implemented, primary care can completely revolutionize the whole public health system. It reduces the financial burden owing to fewer hospitalizations and less need for the secondary and tertiary system.

Other benefits offered by the primary care system include;

  • Easy access to healthcare services
  • Consultation and counseling sessions
  • Early intervention to prevent diseases from developing
  • Improved patient-doctor relationship
  • Less need for specialist physician
  • Economic benefit
  • Aims to prevent diseases

What are the types of primary care physicians?

There are several different types of primary care doctors who are responsible for the health status of their patients. Each of them is capable to act as the point of entry for the patient into the health care system. Primary care system includes the following different types of physicians;

  • Primary care physician
  • Family doctor
  • Internal medicine specialist
  • Gynecologist
  • Obstetrician
  • Pediatrician
  • Geriatrician
  • Nurse practitioners

Patient-Doctor Relationship

There should be a strong bond of compassion, care and trust between the patient and the primary care doctor otherwise the whole system is worthless. The doctors should try to develop an empathetic and warm bond with the patients so that they can share their problems without any hesitation.

The patients should feel free to ask any question in their mind and the doctor should gently answer it without making them feel bad about themselves. It should be considered that every physician has its unique way of interacting with the patients so you might try several doctors before finding the one you are happy and comfortable to work with.

If you are looking for a primary care physician in the cities of Manhattan, Chelsea, New York, then you should consider visiting Dr. Syra Hanif. The doctor provides the following health care services;

  1. Family medicine
  2. Geriatric medicine
  3. Physical examination
  4. Pre-employment physicals
  5. School physicals
  6. Chronic disease management
  7. Immunization
  8. Cancer screening
  9. Patient counseling
  10. Weight management
  11. Hypertension treatment
  12. Blood pressure regulation
  13. Preoperative clearance
  14. Sprain, strain, and fracture management
  15. STD testing and treatment
  16. Allergies management and treatment

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  1. Skylar Williams says:

    I like that you mentioned that one of the benefits of primary care service is that you have easy access to healthcare services. My family just moved to a new state so we need a new doctor. I’ll be sure to find one right away so we can enjoy all of the benefits that come with one.

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    Good article. In addition to disease prevention. I believe having an access to quality primary can improve the quality of living of any person. They will be able to enjoy their lives illness free.

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